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Aboard - Let Us Assist You! Thank you for stopping by! You have been looking forward to your dream vacation or cruise, you've paid your deposit, you've paid your final payment and nothing is going to stop you now! Right? Unfortunately, not always! Be prepared! Don't let Junior's sudden case of chicken pox or a close relative not traveling with you illness ruin your vacation. It would be bad enough that can't go, but evening worse when costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars in penalties. At Cruisin Easy we highly recommend Travel Protection, as you never know what tomorrow may bring! We recommend a travel insurance product, which consists of insurance coverage, and assistance services, which safeguard you both before and during your trip. Here are some important questions to ask yourself!

Did you know that for most people, a vacation is their third largest expense after their house and car? While everyone insures these big-ticket items, only an estimated 15% of Americans insure their travel - call it the Great Vacation Gamble.

Could you miss your trip and lose your vacation investment too? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you have to cancel or postpone that dream vacation, you will probably lose some or all of the money you have pre-paid. Almost all travel products have cancellation penalties. You may be able to reschedule the vacation, but will you have the money to pay for it?

Could it cost you extra money if you are forced to come home early? You bet. It will probably cost you extra money to return home, plus you won't get a refund for the missed portion of your trip.

Should you be concerned about medical insurance when you are away from home? Definitely. Your medical coverage may be limited away from home, or you may not be covered at all. It's wise to check on this before you travel. Also, how will you find adequate medical facilities when you're traveling? Medical evacuations cost many tens of thousands of dollars.

Would you benefit from expert help available when you need it? Yes, you probably would. When you're away from home, anything can happen for example a simple (but inconvenient and frustrating) case of lost luggage to major medical emergencies. Will you be prepared and ready to tackle these challenges by yourself?

Don't you want Peace of Mind? A vacation should be a time of relaxation. You shouldn't have to worry about what might go wrong. Travel Insurance offers you peace of mind while you travel and protection from possible financial loss if something unexpected occurs.

Travel plans just aren't complete until you protect yourself -- and protect your investment -- against unforeseen risks. Plan ahead and be prepared and may all your travel be Cruisin Easy!

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