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Welcome to Cruisin Easy's Foreign Currency Exchange. We provide you with a convenient way of buying or selling your foreign currency. Please print out the following instructions and then click on the link at the bottom of this page: (Cruisin Easy Logo) Be prepared before you leave!

Purchase foreign currency or American Express Traveler's Cheques on-line at competitive rates. EURO Traveler's Cheques now available! We suggest you print these instructions for quick reference as you place your order.

  1. Click on the "CURRENCY" button below.
  2. Select "Transactions" to place a buy or sell order; Select "Reports" to review buy & sell exchange rates; Select "Market Trends" to view live feed from the Tokyo, London, & New York foreign currency exchange markets.
  3. Click "REPORTS" then click "SUBMIT" to view today's currency exchange rates for over 80 countries.
  4. Next click on "MAIN MENU" at the top of the page and click "TRANSACTIONS". Next, select "Client Buy" to purchase or "Client Sell" to sell unused currency. Select "Foreign Currency" or "Foreign Traveler's Cheques" and mark whether you are ordering currency, wire transfer or bank draft. Click on "ADD".
  5. Enter your name & phone number (required) and choose the currency you are interested in. Click on "CONVERSION/SUBMIT".
  6. Enter the USD amount you wish to convert to foreign currency and click "CONVERT". You will be given a display of the amount of foreign currency you will receive and the actual USD dollar amount to be paid. PLEASE NOTE: All transactions reflect a cash discount - add 3% for credit card purchases. We also accept bank cashier's checks.
  7. Click "SAVE" to send the transaction to our office. You may also print a receipt for your records at this time.
  8. We will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your order and form of payment. If paying by check, your currency will be shipped within 2 business days after your check clears (we suggest submitting a cashier's check to expedite delivery). If you are selling unused currency, we will confirm funds due you on upon receipt of your order. We will forward our check to you upon receipt & verification of your currency. Exotic currencies may take a couple extra days. To continue click below:
Buy or Sell Foreign Online Currency Here!
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