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Our services start with your travel planning and flows smoothly into the travel arrangements you’ve booked.


INFORMATION/ASSISTANCE SERVICES – Travel Vacation covers a wide variety of destinations, carriers, dates and prices. Cruisin Easy is prepared to provide you with information assisting you in selecting the cruise or vacation that will restore your zest for life.

CRUISE AND VACATION FINDER - CRUISIN EASY’s email newsletter identifies the latest specials that the cruise lines and vacation tour companies offer by cruise lines, destinations and travel dates so your next cruise or vacation will be as special as the rate.

BULLETIN BOARD – The Cruisin Easy Cruise Enthusiasts bulletin board allows you the opportunity to access first hand experiences from fellow cruisers. We invite you to browse, ask questions or share your experiences or comments on a multitude of cruise related subjects.


ESS (Extra Special Services) – CRUISIN EASY provides ESS for their clients so they will be well informed and educated travelers. Some of these services includes port, shopping, tour information reports created exclusively for our clients, travel tips, port excursion discounts, (when applicable), packing lists and much, more.

PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT – CRUISIN EASY highly recommends travel insurance. When plans are made many months in advance it is wise to protect your investment from unforeseen events that could effect those plans.

FOREIGN MONEY EXCHANGE STORE - Don’t feel hassled or pressured to exchange currencies at the airport or at your destinations when you can accomplish it at great rates prior to your cruise or vacation! You can even check the latest exchange rates!

CRUISIN EASY’S PACKABLES TRAVEL STORE – Make your trip more enjoyable with travel products that make traveling easy. Shop from the convenience of your home or office for discounted travel products. All our products are 100% Money Back Guaranteed. Find it, pay less, pack and go!

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