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Cruisin Easy wants YOU to experience the value and excitement of travel with our ESS (Extra Special Services) programs. Cruisin Easy aspires to assist you in realizing the cruise and vacation fantasies you desire by Educating you, giving you Selections or options and continuing to provide you Service after the initial sale. We understand the vastness of the cruise or vacation market, so we continually upgrade our services, thus adding value for you.

At Cruisin Easy, we believe an Educated Traveler is a happy travel! We provide gratis to our clients a personalized, detailed port or destination report with concise, pertinent and up-to-date destination information.

We are proud to be subscribers of Weissmann's Travel World Reports. To view a sample report, click on www.weissman.com/samples. We are sure you will see the great value this service offers. For non-Cruisin Easy travelers who have not been provided this service or who do not have the plethora of hours to research their destination on the Internet, we will also provide these same personalized reports at a 20% discount of the suggested retail price. Some of the other ways we help educate our clients are with an Every Day Language Word List in English, Italian, Spanish and French and with a list of Travel Tips.

At Cruisin Easy, we give you many Selections or options. Some examples are when you are shopping for your cruise or vacation, we will offer other options such as a different sailing date or ship or resort that may extend added value or a better price. We will give you comparison hotel and cabin types, as often it may cost the same or just a few dollars more to enjoy a sunset view from your room or even a romantic breakfast for two on your balcony. We want your cruise or vacation to be EXTRA SPECIAL. When applicable we offer you a Port Promotion Shore Excursion program, which often are the same shore tours offered on the ship but at a discounted price.

At Cruisin Easy, we strive to give our client's Service beyond their expectations. We continue to monitor your cruise or vacation rate for price reductions and then we apply for the reduction from the cruise line or travel supplier. We provide packing lists for each type of family member. We show our client's our appreciation of their patronage with personalized bon voyage gifts, special "goodies" for their traveling children and we even offer our clients cruise and vacation documents with flair. We want your cruise or vacation to start out and end on the very best foot. We continue to strive for the best possible service, even when our Cruisin Easy clients return home or between cruises or vacations with two "Thank You" programs. One is included in our welcome home greeting, the Cruise or Vacation evaluation "Thank You". For assisting us with current information on service and amenities on ships, destinations, and tours provided, we reward our clients. We also have a Referral "Thank You" program, as we want to show our appreciation to our clients for referring us.

Cruisin Easy appreciates our client's patronage and looks forward to and also realizes we must earn their continued travel relationship. We treat their cruise or vacation as if we are going along with them! Cruisin Easy Clients are ESC, (Extra Special Clients)!

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