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Cruisin Easy has created a bulletin board community called Cruisin Easy Cruise Travel Enthusiasts. Cruisin Easy has set this up with hopes that you will share good and even not so good cruise experiences in a variety of topics for cruiser's who will be sailing the same ship, cruise line, a similar itinerary, port, shore excursion, etc. can learn from your experiences. Also read what others have posted to help you make educated cruise choices. If you have questions, post them under the topics that apply and we are sure you will get answers. We also have a topic page, where you can search for fellow cruiser's going on your cruise. We will add topic pages and also encourage you to tell us what additions you would like to see or that would be helpful.

At Cruisin Easy, we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients, future clients and cruise enthusiasts in general. So come on and join our other Cruisin Easy crew member enthusiasts and learn about cruising firsthand from those who are doing the cruising. To join our discussion, simply go to:

Click here to for Cruisin Easy Cruise Enthusiasts Bulletin Board or Chat!

If you've never used Delphi before you'll need to go through a quick registration (so you can post messages). It only takes a minute and it's free!

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