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Organize your own group! Your friends and associates will save money and you will CRUISE FREE.

Groups are fun and easy to organize. The cruise industry standard is one free berth, (one person), for every 16 passengers. This figure is based on 1st and 2nd passengers per cabin or typically 8 cabins. These are often call TO (tour organizer) space. Many cruise lines offer TOs for fewer passengers on longer cruises and offer multiple TOs with larger groups. If air is booked for the group with the cruise lines, they sometimes will included a free air space with the TO cabin berth and sometimes not, depending on the cruise lines group rules and allowances.

Some suggested groups are: Alumni Groups, Association Groups, Bingo Groups, Bowling League Groups, Business Meeting and Incentive Groups, Club Groups, Corporation Groups, Church Groups, Class Reunion Groups, Fan Club Groups, Family Reunion Groups, Fund Raising Groups, Health Club Groups, Hobbyists Groups, Leagues Groups, Newcomers Groups, Professional Groups, Radio Groups, Senior Citizen Groups, Social Groups, Special Interest Groups, Union Groups, Wedding Groups. The possibilities are unlimited. Please e-mail us with groups we may have overlooked. Email or phone or fax us at Cruisin Easy on our Toll Free number 888 SEA-EASY for more information.

Do you and would you Like To Cruise? Do you know a group of people? Then Ask For more Details!

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